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How to Choose Between a Masonry Repair Service and a Restoration Service

While masonry is generally durable, you may need to hire a masonry repair service when your home’s brickwork or chimney has developed cracks, holes, or other signs of disrepair. While you may be interested in having a chimney or other masonry piece repaired, the differences between a masonry repair service and a restoration service should be clear. Here are some tips to help you choose the right service for your needs.

Generally, you can choose between solid tuckpointing for the entire brick wall or spot tuckpointing for a specific problem. An expert masonry repair service will have the ability to handle both types of jobs, and its skilled crew can work on your home or building without any issues. You can expect to have a dedicated project manager with the team for a complete restoration. Moreover, masonry repairs are cheaper than restorations, since they do not require any major structural changes.

Among other types of damages, a concrete crack can cause damage to your personal possessions. If it gets large enough, it can lead to mold and further damage to your property. Fortunately, AAA Superior Construction offers masonry repair services that will restore your driveway to its former glory. The following are some factors to keep in mind when hiring a masonry repair service:

First, you should know that a masonry repair service should be hired as soon as you notice any signs of deterioration. While masonry is incredibly durable, it still experiences wear and tear with time. Even small cracks and holes will allow water to enter a property and cause it to deteriorate. If not fixed quickly, these problems will only get worse over time and may require expensive repairs. A professional masonry repair service will be able to identify the exact issue and perform a quick and affordable repair.

While masonry repair services generally involve patching a crack or repairing an older stone, a masonry restoration service will replace cracked stones or bricks. They will also consider replacing cracked stone or mortar with a new one. Depending on the type of repairs you need, the masonry repair service may use a variety of techniques, such as sand patching or concrete filling. A masonry repair service will be able to handle any type of damage that your home or building has.

Another type of masonry repair service that you should call for is chimney repairs. This service will inspect your chimney and recommend the most effective method for repairing it. For instance, if you notice that a chimney is experiencing erosion or cracks, a masonry repair service can apply repointing or tuckpointing work to the affected areas. Tuckpointing involves grinding out the damaged mortar and smoothing in new mortar. If the damage is significant, a full rebuild may be needed.

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